We are really looking forward to our upcoming Masquerade Ball on September 22nd and thought we’d give you a little sneak peek of what you can expect! We have never had an event with so much entertainment! Here’s what you can expect:

A Make and Take Mask Station. What’s a masquerade without masks? Come dressed to impress for a chance to win a gift card to The Emporium or make a mask at the door and join in on our evening of mystery!

Food & Drink. It’s not an Emporium event without food and drink! We have a fall-themed spread planned for you – pumpkins, sweet potatoes, ginger, cinnamon, oh my! We’re ready to help celebrate the changing of the seasons!


Mantel Demonstrations. Back when The Emporium first started, we had mantel demonstrations at almost every event. We’re not quite sure why that tradition stopped, but we thought it was time to bring it back! Come learn from an interior designer with over 20 years of experience, as you see how to decorate a show stopper of a mantel! Whether your style is farmhouse, old world or modern transitional, we have examples to show you with product available for purchase!


Crock Pot Demonstrations. Lori, Emporium enthusiast and Castle Crock Founder, is the crockpot expert for Fox 31 Denver. Come ready to learn some easy recipes to put in use when your family is busy! Who doesn’t love delicious and easy meals?


Escape Room Adventures. Epic Escape Game, Castle Rock’s newest escape room will be set up with a mobile escape experience. What is an escape room you ask? You are locked in a room with up to seven other individuals and must solve puzzles in order to escape. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll want to do another!


Cryo Facials. Castle Rock Cryocare will be joining us providing free facials. Cryotherapy uses extreme temperatures (we’re talking -200 degrees!) to reduce inflammation. This is a treatment that aids in reducing fine lines, acne and increases collagen, among many other benefits!


Luxury Test Drives. Schomp BMW will have impressive cars available for test drives. Curious what the newest latest and greatest BMW drives like? Been thinking about checking out BMW? Schomp will be ready to let you experience top of the line German engineering while giving you their award winning customer experience!


Update your Hair. The Style Lounge is Castle Rock’s newest luxury hair salon. Meet the artists who cut and style hair in the heart of downtown Castle Rock!


Get your Tech Questions Answered. GroovyTek is Colorado’s premier technology education service. Learn from the experts and get all of those technical questions answered in one of our two seminars of the night!

Phone Photos. 4:30pm. Basic tips for using a phone or tablet’s camera

What’s New in Passwords. 5pm. Making stronger and easier to remember passwords

Online Safety. 5:30pm. Using the internet safely for shopping and more

Majority Rules. 6pm. The most votes for one of the earlier presentations will be reprised.