Tea is an ongoing experience

While our roots are in the Colorado town of Castle Rock, our teas are carefully hand-selected from locations around the world based on sustainability, growing conditions, processing methods, quality, and flavor profiles.

Becky Boman, Master Tea Curator, believes that “tea is a discovery” and has committed to finding the world’s most authentic teas from boutique producers and making them available to the local community. Likening tea to wine, Becky believes that there is always something new to learn about tea and that deeper layers of knowledge emerge with time and tasting.

The name PersnickeTea is inspired by the idea of “persnickety” or a careful, precise, and fussy approach. The team at PersnickeTea prides themselves on this commitment to quality and standards as they stock their shelves with the most renowned tea lines, featuring organic, sustainably-grown, deeply flavorful tea varieties.