DTI is committed to your smiles by touching your smell, sight, and taste with the finest quality distractions.


Greg Boman
Elizabeth Villwock & Cameron Boman

Distinctive Touch Interiors (DTI) is committed to making your house a home. To that end, they have been carefully curating design elements for over 25 years. DTI is proud to offer their current collections of candles, home accessories, greeting cards, candy and personal accouterments. 

DTI’s candle collections are varied, with the largest variety among Wood Wick candles which crackle as they burn. Another popular candle line, made by Illusions, smells just like the campfires you burned during the summer months and are long burning. They also carry various reed diffusers and candle holders in a variety of scents. DTI is the largest Virginia Gift Brand dealer in the state and has been a leader in designing innovative candle solutions. Come in and check out their ever changing merchandise displays!

In an effort to give voice to every occassion in your life, DTI offers thousands of carefully curated greeting cards. From renowned artists, authors, poets and comedians, Distinctive Touch Interiors seeks to find unique lines that will brighten your day. Gift wrap, stationary, and tags round out their paper lines.

Candy is another way to help you say you care. DTI’s time honored lines are from Abdullah, a 4th generation chocolateier recently voted #1 by all its’ chocolate competitors in the US market, Jelly Belly and Colorado Chocolove bars.

Distinctive Touch Interiors seeks to make even the weariest smile!

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