Music is the true global language….it’s never too late.

Stanley Plant

Guitar Repair Doc is a complete Luthier shop serving Colorado and US customers in sales, set-up, repair, restore, and refinish of stringed instruments such as guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, lap harp, ukelin, dulcimer, zither, ukulele, and vintage stringed instruments. Supplies such as strings and straps are also for sale.

Owner, Stanley Plant, has also created an ongoing series of art decor incorporating instruments as functional home items, such as a french horn lamp.

In addition, Stan provides music lessons designed specifically to meet and exceed each student’s objectives.

Stan focuses on providing excellent customer service. His philosophy is that every instrument has its own unique voice and his pleasure is to enhance and maximize that voice, as well as customize the playability of the instrument to match the players individual playing style.

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