Jewelry By Marsha

Marsha Harrington
Facebook: MKDesignsLLC
Twitter – MkayDesigns

Marsha has an extensive background in art and geology and is fascinated by the history that surrounds these topics. She likes to utilize a variety of gemstones, rocks, crystals, Roman glass, pearls, bone, wood, pottery and Mideastern metals from around the world and create one-of-a-kind jewelry. Each piece showcases trinkets and gems form around the world, such as garnets from the Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan, Ethiopian crosses, Afghan lapis, or vintage trade beads from Africa. This element of culture and history that is integrated into each piece creates jewelry, which is more than just gemstones and treasures. All of Marsha’s pieces are absolutely unique! She holds an MA in the Creative Arts of Learning, with practical applications in weaving, ancient Anasazi pottery, stain glass installations, watercolor, and cement sculpting. Retiring after after 30 years as an art specialist and principal, Marsha has time to pursue her passion of creating jewelry.

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