It has been almost two weeks since Hazel Miller and her band were at The Emporium and we are still overwhelmed by your generosity.

Together we were able to raise $2,840 for Hide in Plain Sight!

This nonprofit provides scholarships to homeless students in Douglas County. Homelessness is more common than you would think with these individuals truly hiding in plain sight. To find out more about Hide in Plain Sight, watch this:

When my parents first opened The Emporium in October 2012, they had three goals.

First, my father is an entrepreneur who can’t help but start businesses and get wrapped up in the challenge of it all. He needed a new challenge and after participating in merchant malls for the better part of 15 years, he was ready to see his dream of owning one become a reality.


Second, my parents love to build community. The Emporium was designed to not only be a retail location, but an entertainment space. A place where you could bring out of town guests or your entire family for a day of fun together. We try to build relationships with our events and hope that you make a new friend or two the next time you join us for one!


Lastly and most importantly, The Emporium was started as a vehicle to give back to our community. The Emporium has become a way for all of us who call The E home to support organizations meeting needs of those in our community.

In recent years, we have tried to take a more focused approach to our giving. We devote the majority of our donations to organizations who assist the unseen in our community.

This started with our partnership with Wellspring Community. If you haven’t joined us for lunch, we invite you to try out Best Buddies Bakery & Cafe. The cafe is run by adults with special needs and the food is incredible. We promise their STARS (specially talented adults raising standards) will make sure that you leave with a smile on your face!

Hide in Plain Sight is another addition to our intentional giving and one we think is a perfect fit. As a former elementary teacher (who is also married to a current high school teacher), I understand first-hand how homelessness and other stressors a student may face impacts not only their learning, but every other area of their growth and development.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing us the privilege of giving back to organizations in our community. It really is true that every time you shop small a real-live person does a happy dance. I’ve watched those happy dances and have done them myself when something sells. Not only do you cause those happy dances, but you also contribute to all sorts of non-profits that local businesses support. Thank you for shopping small and for helping us support fantastic local nonprofits assisting the unseen in our community!