This last year has been a big one for me. My husband and I moved back to the US after living and working in Italy. We had the time of our lives living as expats, but upon return to the States, we were longing to put down roots. The Good Man returned to his former job teaching in Douglas County, and I took on a new role working for my parents in managing The Emporium. We were looking forward to taking it easy and renting for a year before looking to purchase another home.

And then it happened…. we bought a house.

We’re the type of people that are always looking for our next project or challenge. We’ve been married for eight years and in that time, we’ve owned three houses and lived outside of the country twice. So it came as no surprise to anyone who knew us well when we purchased the house that family friends lived in while I was growing up. We looked at our now home once and then put in an offer. We knew it was meant to be our next canvas, even though we hadn’t even been thinking of becoming home owners so quickly again.

The house had been worn down. The “bones” of the home were still good, but cosmetically it was a mess. We’ve spent the past year doing everything from ripping up all the flooring on the main level and replacing it with hardwoods to painting just about every surface imaginable.

Over the next few months, I’ll be chronicling the projects we’ve completed and how The Emporium played a role. I’ll also be disseminating knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years both from being raised by an interior designer and from working with world-class merchandisers at The E.

Who’s ready to renovate and redecorate with me?