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From gold rushes to tech rushes, the spirit of Colorado has called out to adventurers and dreamers for generations. 1876 Apparel is made for anyone drawn to answer that call. Locally owned and designed, every piece of gear is specifically crafted for living life in The State of Exploration.

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned Colorado flag tee, but there are times in life that call for something a little nicer, a little more stylish, and a little more “elevated”. We design every piece ourselves, then meticulously source the absolute finest materials, with the softest feel and most comfortable-yet-ever-so-flattering cuts. Every time we replenish our stocks, we look for ways to improve on our products, and never just let things go at “good enough.” That means that any time you’re buying a piece of 1876 gear, it is the absolute best piece we’ve ever made. 

Nick is a Littleton, Colorado-born maker of all things 1876 Apparel. He founded this company in 2013, accidentally, when a tee shirt he designed for charity sold almost 1,000 instead of the expected 50. He recognized a huge gap in the local apparel market between our scruffy Colorado pride clothing and something nice enough to wear in public. Now he spends his days working on awesome Colorado gear and clothing that is comfortable, stylish, and “elevated.”


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