Brewster Comics

Encouraging Reading through Well-Known Comic Book Characters


Brewster Comics offers a wide range of comic books and related merchandise from the major comic book publishers DC and Marvel. Their focus is to encourage reading through well-known comic book characters. They offer comic books, graded and signed comics, artwork, and framed comic books.

The owners of Brewster Comics moved to Castle Rock several years ago with their children, and it was the best decision they have ever made. Bruce works as a senior manager at a Colorado-based fiber optics company, and Rachel works as an operations manager for a non-profit business association.  

Since childhood, Bruce has always had a passion for reading. He started reading comic books in the 3rd grade, which influenced him to excel in school. By the time he started 9th grade, he was reading at college level. Bruce & Rachel want to spread that joy of reading comic books in the Castle Rock community and inspire the next generation of readers.



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