Starlighting is a tradition in Castle Rock that dates back to 1936. With the economy in the midst of the Great Depression, the town and its residents were in need of a morale boost. After learning that nearby Palmer Lake was building a star to be lit at night, locals rallied to gather materials and the land to build the Town’s iconic star in hopes that it would become a place to stop for travelers passing through.

Since then, the star has been lit every holiday day season except for during WWII when resources needed to be conserved to support the war effort. Over the past 83 years, the Star has also been lit at celebratory times – as a “V” after WWII ended, following 9/11 and the bulbs changed blue and orange after Bronco Superbowl wins.

Since we first opened in 2012, we have partnered with the Castle Rock Chamber and provided music to have a party in the street during Starlighting. Our line up this year includes:

2:00-2:45 – Grant Daniel Reed


3:00-3:45 – Julio Perez

4:00-4:45 – Marcel and Janelle

5:30-6:30 – Biff Gore: Ambassador of Soul

Coming downtown to join us for a party in the street? Find parking information, along with all of the other festivities planned here.