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Today let’s explore some of my favorite food products in the store. This is by no means an exhaustive list – I’m sure I’ll be revisiting this topic again soon! 🙂 To see the video of me discussing these products visit our Facebook page here.


I cannot start discussing food at The Emporium without telling you about the amazing pies Sweetie Pies carries. It’s a well-loved customer favorite and it happens to be Pi Day today! My current favorite flavor is their black cherry, but I truly enjoy every single flavor we carry! With three pounds of fresh fruit, these pies will leave you reminiscing of the treats your grandmother use to make you as a child – or at least that is my reaction to eating them! $18.75 each.

What is pie without ice cream? Add some Little Man’s ice cream to your pie and it’s heaven on earth! Made right here in Denver, this local company is a favorite for sure! $6.50 each.

I’m also a huge fan of Sweetie Pie’s fudge sauce ($15) and pecan pie filling ($18.75). 


The Rogue Chef is filled with all sorts of treats to elevate your meal. He offers a wide variety of flavored olive oils (garlic herb is $14.95) and balsamic vinegars. From chocolate balsamic vinegar ($17.95) to citrus habanero olive oil, we can find you something to match your palette.  

The Rogue Chef also has a wide array of jams (Meyer lemon ginger is $9.95) and tapenades (artichoke parmesan is $11.95) to spruce up your meals.

We cannot discuss The Rogue Chef without mentioning his teas! He offers a WIDE variety of teas and accessories to help you enjoy the perfect cuppa. In this photo we feature his new line of teas based on National State Parks. Pictured is Yosemite ($14.95). We also show a Tea Forte tea, strawberry hibiscus ($17.95), which is a high quality tea with well thought out  blends.


Want to spice up your pancake game? These infused, smoked and barrel aged syrups are sure to do that for you! The cinnamon and vanilla infused syrup featured in our video sells for $19.99. Grace’s Space also sells a variety pack of 4 syrups for you to try them all out in smaller quantities before picking an entire bottle.

Grace’s Space also sells a large variety of baking mixes. On our video today we discussed her gluten free vanilla cupcake mix ($8.95) and strawberry buttercream frosting mix ($7.95). She also carries a variety of sweet bread and dessert mixes.


Looking for a new cocktail? We have a variety of bloody mary mixes ($12.99) and infusion kits ($24.99) to add some variety to your typical drink.

Wanting to spice up your cooking? We offer a variety of hot sauces and spice mixes! One of my current favorite sauces is Truff, which is a hot sauce made with truffles ($18.99). And while we have a great assortment of spice mixes, our Chardonnay Wine Rub is by far my favorite because of its’ versatility ($8.99). 

The items in this photo are displayed on a wood tray handmade by local artist and furniture builder, The Bearded Woodworking Co ($27).


Don’t see something you’re interested in? Give us a call (303-660-5884) or DM us on Facebook or Instagram. If it’s in the store and you live in Castle Rock we’re happy to deliver most things in the store to you for free! We appreciate you thinking of us and shopping small!!!