With the holidays right around the corner, I find myself beginning to check off everyone on my gift list. This year, being my son’s first Christmas, I’m feeling the pressure even more. Is anyone else feeling this too?

Over the next two months, I’ll be trying to make your gift buying even easier. Check back continually to see ideas for presents for every type of person on your list!

Today we will start with the budding musician in your life. Perhaps your child is dying to take guitar lessons. Or your husband has always dreamed of learning to play the banjo. Today’s post is just for you!

INVEST IN AN INSTRUMENT. We have a wide variety of stringed instruments available for purchase. And if you don’t see it, just ask! Stan, of The Guitar Repair Doc, stocks his music boutique full of guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins, amps, and the occasional harp. If you don’t see it, just ask us! 

Stan is running a huge sale this weekend and is bringing in extra merchandise for you to choose from! Stop by on Saturday to see what new finds you can source for the musicians in your life!

SUPPORT PRIVATE LESSONS. The Guitar Repair Doc is a stringed instrument instructor. Now through the end of the year, Stan is offering 3 lessons for $100. This means you save $20 when you purchase them as a bundle for a loved one!

SPICE IT UP WITH SOME ACCESSORIES. Maybe the person you are buying for already has a guitar, but could use some new items to go along with it? We’ve got amps, guitar straps, and other essential items that may be just what they are hoping for!

FUN WITH APPAREL & HOME DECOR. Or perhaps the music lover in your life would just appreciate a subtle nod to their passion. Why not a music inspired t-shirt? Or a music box playing their favorite song? Or a purse with their favorite musical instrument on it? Stop by and see what unique finds you can source!

Not shopping for a music-lover but need some help with someone else on your list? Just ask! We are happy to provide the assistance you require to source the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! And when you are done shopping, just ask for everything to be gift wrapped. Here at The Emporium, we aim to take the stress out of your gift buying and make it an enjoyable event!