When it comes to table setting, I’m a bit lost. Truth be told, my parents never assigned me to help them set the table for holidays. Sure, I was involved in the cooking and the cleaning, but tablescapes are not my thing. My brother, and fellow Emporium enthusiast, always was encouraged to be the creative soul behind our tables, and as a result I’m completely lost in the art of elegantly creating a memorable table.

Sharon, of Sparrow and Spoke, was kind enough to sit down with me and offer me her top tips for how to set a table. If you’ve spent any time in Sharon’s shop at the store (or even better, in her home!), you know that this lady has it all figured out! She truly is the hostess with the mostess!

Always start with white dinner ware. It is easy to build on and mix and match with other patterns.

Take your inspiration from nature’s textures and colors. Work it into the table scape. At my baby shower, Sharon had sawed part of a tree trunk into wood chargers to hold the food. At other times I’ve seen her mix in feathers, leaves, and plants. 

Always have candle light.  Yes. Always. As an added bonus, it not only keeps things elegant, but can also keep young kids calm. 


Keep the center pieces low. Dinners are all about the company you share them with. Keep things close to the table so conversation can be shared!

Use items you already have and mix with new pieces. Age adds interest!

Use interesting pieces that are unexpected. Have an odd piece from your aunt? Why not surprise her by mixing it into your Thanksgiving dinner table!