One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to decorate our Christmas tree! Between all of our overseas moves there have been several years that we haven’t been able to put it up. This makes it even more special for me every year when we’re able to set one up!

I asked a few of our expert decorators for their top tips when it comes to decorating a tree. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that everyone had a different take on what was the most important thing to consider when putting together a Christmas tree.

PICK A THEME. Pat, the creative genius behind Wild Petals, stresses the need to pick a theme. Think about the style you want – casual, glitzy, traditional, sophisticated, etc. From there, Pat emphasizes the importance of planning out the various layers involved in your decorating process. Pay attention to natural elements, pattern, color play, style and texture when planning.

LIGHT IT UP. Sharon, of Sparrow and Spoke, encouraged us all to remember the significance of the lighting. I was told to add more than I thought was necessary to create the ultimate ambiance we all hope to achieve with our trees. 

MAKE AN IMPACT. Lisa, our resident queen of seasonal decor and owner of The Pink Suitcase, made sure to note how important it is to have multiples of the same ornaments. Don’t just put one Santa on your tree, but 10! It’s important to consider how all your elements work together to create the whole.

TOP & BOTTOM. Cameron, my brother and fellow Emporium manager, reminded us not to forget how we all top our trees and skirt the base. Who says you need a star or angel on the top? Cameron suggested mixing it up with a giant bow. Over our years of decorating, I’ve seen his creativity come up other solutions that fit with the tree’s theme, such as a bird flying off the top of the tree. Additionally, don’t forget about hiding the cords! Careful planning of tree skirts and furniture placement ensure that the beauty you’re creating isn’t lost.

THINK ABOUT YOUR BASE. I’m the type that starts with the same base every year. I use a white ribbon with red and green polka-dots and add loads of red, green and silver ornaments throughout the tree. From there I can add in whatever else I want and it all looks tied together! 

OTHER SUGGESTIONS. Sharon suggested keeping silver frames on your tree with photos from previous Christmas memories. Pat prefers using berries instead of garland or ribbon. Lisa loads up her trees with burlap for an organic element. My husband and I have collected artifacts from our travels and use them as ornaments on our tree. 

Ultimately, personalize your tree to you. Whether you’re the type that loves to change up your theme every year or enjoy the nostalgia of putting together the same items annually, let your tree be a reflection of you and your family!