It’s been a while since I’ve written about our house and the updates we’ve been working on. Decorating seems to be a never ending process as personal tastes and trends are constantly changing and evolving. For us, we’ve slowed down on that piece, but with a new baby coming into our lives in early September, we’ve set our sights on some pretty major changes around our home.

The Good Man and I are always scheming and dreaming about how to change the space to suite us better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late to something because we were in the middle of thinking about how we could alter our floor plan to improve the livability of our home. For me, being raised by an interior designer and home stager (long before it was cool, trendy or the thing to do!) it just seems to be in my DNA. For my husband, his creativity is never ending and he seems to find inspiration in everything.

After much deliberation of how to enlarge our kitchen and master bath, we’ve come up with a plan that we can’t wait to get started on. We’ve had to scale it back a bit based on feedback from the city and being realistic with our budget, but we’re finally in the last planning stages and looking forward to how our dreams are going to take shape!

Check back over the next two months to see how we:

  • convert our main floor office into a third bedroom for Baby Girl,
  • enlarge our kitchen, and
  • revamp our master bathroom.

I am really looking forward to seeing everything pulls together. We’ve been planning this renovation for most of 2018 and I can’t wait to see how it takes shape and solves many of the “problems” we’ve had with our house.

Although I’m sad to see our office go, I’m thrilled to be getting a third bedroom for Baby Girl (plus, that desk will get repurposed so don’t you worry! That 100 year old wood is too pretty to just get rid of!).

I’m thrilled to be getting a pantry and a larger kitchen. We’ve had some pretty tiny ones over our 10 years of marriage and I’m excited to cook together in a space that can actually accommodate two people!

And I’m ecstatic to be redoing our master bathroom. Let’s just say it’s been needing a major update!

I’ll be doing my best to check back in weekly with updates. In the meantime if you’re interested to see what we’re up to in real time, give us a follow on Instagram! We’ll be posting more there as well!