Spring has sprouted on the porch this week! Sharon, of Sparrow & Spoke, brought in all of the supplies to plant our urns at the front and back doors. It may seem early to most of you to be planting – and indeed it is! However, Sharon offers us all a few pointers for locations such as our front door where a little growth and life seem essential.

We planted pansies, ranunculus, kale and mustard spinach in our planters for spring. Some of these plants will continue in the urns through summer, while others will get replaced as the weather gets warmer.

Sharon chose all of these due to their hardy nature, their tolerance of cool (and let’s be honest, April is still coming and with it snow!), as well as, their overall performance in our climate during this time of year. In addition to the color offered by the pansies and ranunculus, kale was added for a different texture, and mustard spinach for a touch of unexpected and a spot of green.

For more tips on planting, gardening, floral arranging, and decorating with flowers, visit our Floral Fair on Saturday, May 5th. It’s a drop in open house event with all of our floral experts.