With so many different small businesses under one roof, our merchants bring a wide variety of strengths to the table. From incredible decorators to those with a passion for hosting, we get to see a lot of amazingly talented individuals add to what our team does. Mixed in to this host of talents are a few who stand out in their interactions online and on social media. 

We all know that social media is a strong force that can drive your inspiration and dreaming. Here are a few merchants that inspire me on various social media platforms and leave me with a smile on my face and ready to tackle a new project! 


Gab with Shabby. Mother-daughter duo, Chris and Celina, form Shabby Alpaca, a boutique in our mall dedicated to all things alpaca, along with some fun – and responsibly sourced! – soft goods from around the globe. These two are not afraid to laugh – and we really appreciate that! Check out Shabby Alpaca’s weekly “Gab with Shabby” Facebook live videos! They will have you feeling like you are sitting down with good friends having a coffee or glass of wine and laughing about the little things in life. Plus purchasing their products make you feel good for doing good!


Sparrow & Spoke. If you were to ask me who I most want to be like “when I grow up” I would tell you Sharon of Sparrow & Spoke. She has a way of seeing art in everything and making the most mundane experiences in this life become incredible celebrations. Give Sparrow & Spoke a follow on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. Art surrounds us and Sharon’s snapshots of this life challenge me to find the beauty in everything.


Farmgirl Foods. One of our newer merchants to the team, Farmgirl Foods posts to a blog a few times a month and it makes my mouth water. Take a peek to find recipes spanning a variety of topics – from how to make elk chili with the game your husband just brought home to homemade Christmas presents – there’s a little bit of everything in her writing. 


Want more behind the scenes? Follow our Emporium Enthusiast page on Facebook! Our merchants post about new products coming in, silly things happening around the store (like the time a rabbit snuck in overnight and ate a few of the plants!), and when they are sampling. We’d love to have you join us!