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I don’t know about you, but with all of the uncertainty in the world right now, I find myself focusing on three things that feel within my control: spending quality time with my family, making space to create, and finding small ways I can take care of myself. We’ve already discussed quite a few hobby and projects we have for sale in the store (paint, knitting, art supplies for the kids, baking, etc.), if you missed it, you can re-read it here. Today, I thought I would spend some time focusing on some of the personal care products we have that can help you unwind at the end of each day.


The packaging alone from this first set of products instantly has me feeling calmer and surrounded by beauty. The quality of the product and variety of scents make this bath & body line carried by Sundrys and instant winner in this category. Can’t you just imagine this giant bottle of bath bubbles ($50) sitting on the corner of your tub? How about this tube of shower gel ($22) made complete by the pink flowers waiting for you every day as you take a shower? Are you looking to change up your perfume routine? Sundrys carries both traditional perfume in a gorgeous spray bottle ($65) and perfume crema ($22). A little bit of the perfume cream goes a long way! 


These adorable bath bombs from Subtly Chic look like decadent candy and mini desserts. $3.95 each or $19.95 for six.

Prefer more of a bath filled with herbs to soak in? Subtly Chic also carries the most adorable beakers filled with a variety of soak scents. $14.95 each. 

Another favorite of mine is Subtly Chic’s Pinch Me dough. It’s a lightly scented play dough for adults. In both calming and energizing scents, I’m confident we can find you a variety that will help you unwind when your nerves are on the rise. $24.95 each.


BB Skincare is filled with products that are good for your skin. Their slogan “feels good in my skin” is an accurate statement about how I feel about their products. My favorite item they carry is a Bamboo Charcoal Detox Mask ($25). It clears my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. 

I also love BB Skincare’s scrubs. Both their gentle face scrub ($25) and salt body scrub ($32) are part of my weekly skincare routine. The salt scrubs come in a variety of scents and will leave you feeling exfoliated and moisturized.

Lastly, their bath bombs have some of the most delightful scents. Offerings like Pure Paradise and Lavender Vanilla give you a variety of choices as to how you want to relax. $5.99 each.









Needing to change up your kitchen hand soap now that you’re washing your hands more frequently? These beautiful hand soaps from CK Designs are longing to find a new home! $16.99 each.

Need a new candle to burn in your home? Mountain Cat Candle Co is a locally poured and strong on the scent. If you are the type of individual that likes strong scents, Mountain Cat is for you! $15-$25 depending on size.

These melts from Outside the Box are a customer favorite! If you like having a constant source of scent, but don’t having an open flame, OTB can help! We have both the melts ($9.95 each) and warmers ($27.95 each).


We don’t want the men feeling left out with this list! On the Rocks has you gentlemen covered! They have everything from bars of soap ($7.99-$13.99 depending on brand and size) to beard oil ($19.99). Looking to add some moisture to your hands after all of the frequent hand washing you are doing? Try their lotion that comes in a variety of scents like Timber and Peppercorn ($19.99). They also have a variety of colognes, hair products and face washes!


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