BB Skin Care

Amy & Jim Calhoun


We offer all natural skin care products providing relief for dry skin, treatment for skin ailments like eczema, and/or helping you “Feel Good in Your Skin.” The products are hand made by a company in Florida, Naples Soap Company. They use the finest ingredients which are vegan-based, eco-friendly, made from sustainable resources, and never tested on animals. They do not contain any lathering agents, hardening agents, or harsh chemicals.

You can feel the difference the first time you apply the products to your skin, hair or face. As someone with skin issues, I (Amy) can attest to the way the products make my skin feel after I use the body butter or how my hair feels after shampooing. It is also fun to watch the expression of those who try the product for the first time. They become great sales representatives because they cant stop talking about how good the product feels.