Hi! Welcome to the Copper Elm!

Samantha Cronkrite
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecopperelm/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecopperelm/

I’m a Colorado gal who loves giving new life to not-so-new home decor! I’ve been in the Rocky Mountains for most of my adult life, but my style has much broader roots. Growing up, my dad was in the Army and I was lucky enough to see the world on a scale most aren’t awarded. I lived in every corner of the country, spent years in Europe, and picked up a love of architecture and design from all over the world. We went from yard sale-ing (totally a word!) across the Carolinas to “junking” in Germany and it grew from a hobby to a passion to a career.

As an adult, I settled down in Colorado and laid roots in the foothills. I’m a wife to an amazingly supportive husband, who just so happens to be the muscle behind this business. He is the delivery driver, the installer, and the biggest cheerleader I could ask for. I’m also a mom to the sweetest little guy on earth, named Benny. He’s been featured in quite a few of my videos, where he’s sure to spark a laugh, and he is the reason behind everything I do. I’m lucky enough to spend my days with him, working during naps, and incorporating him into as many projects as I can. (He’s becoming quite the little artist!!)

As for the business, the name “The Copper Elm” came from my desire to always combine the elements in my work. I think nothing is more beautiful in home decor than natural wood grain and beautiful metallic hardware. Although some pieces are in dire shape and paint is their only hope, I always do my best to save beautiful wood grain and let it be the star of the show! My combination of high quality materials – including wood, metal, paints and glazes- gives my pieces a uniqueness that can’t often be found in your typical furniture store.

Beyond furniture, I also love to create unique pieces of home decor including signs, trays, shelves and more! If you have a design request, a piece of furniture that needs a pick-me-up, or a family heirloom that doesn’t quite fit your style, I’d love to talk about custom work to get your home looking Pinterest perfect!