Sweet Rolling Pins

Laser-Engraved Rolling Pins & Wooden Spoons


Laser-engraved rolling pins, wooden spoons to various kitchen items — Sweet Rolling pins are sweet and functional and can be used to make cookies and pottery. 

Stacy says her rolling pins and wooden spoons remind her of endless summer days spent in her grandmother’s kitchen:  “My most cherished memory was spending hours at the kitchen table watching my grandma bake. With curlers in her hair, cigarette in one hand, and a tub of Crisco in the other, I watched my grandmother whip up some of this and some of that. It was in these hours that we just talked. She talked, and I listened. I talked, and she listened. All the while, she baked, and I watched.”

 “Sitting at the kitchen table turned into the greatest gift for me. As grandmothers often do, they teach by showing. She showed me spending time with someone you love is the best time there is. There are people around you who simply want to be with you. Who are they? Get them and bring them into the kitchen.”

Toss up the flour and sugar, make a mess, laugh, tell stories and start baking some memories.


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