Wood-Turned Works of Art for the Home

by | May 6, 2022 | Blog

What do you get when you combine a degree in industrial arts with a passionate love for the Colorado outdoors? Some of the most gorgeous wood-turned works of art you can imagine.

  • With 20 years of experience in woodworking, Ted, from Woodwork For You, consistently produces masterpieces that are not only stunning but excellently functional as well. From pizza cutters to meat tenderizers, ice cream scoops, and wine stoppers, his colorful one-of-a-kind pieces combine stainless steel and woodgrain in perfect unison.

  • Ted’s love of the mountains is perhaps best showcased in his popular aspen vases. The iconic tree, known for its white bark and contrasting black knots, draw thousands to the mountains each year to witness their spectacular fall leaves. The aspen vases on display at The Emporium are a beautiful way to bring a bit of that Colorado wonder into the home.

  • When Ted is not exploring the outdoors with his wife (they’ve camped at all 42 of Colorado’s state parks!) or working in his woodshop, he can be found at art and craft shows throughout our area. Next time you are strolling through The E, be sure to head to the northwest corner to check out his booth and appreciate his artwork in person! (As beautiful as those wood bowls may look in photos, they are ten times as stunning in real life!)